val·i·ance |  courage and strength of character in the face of adversity.

Valiance is a brand advisory and design studio serving the taste-makers and risk-takers of this brave new world.

The ability to craft an ecosystem that balances business objectives with creativity will be the defining trait for the next generation of 100-year brands.

Work with us to get the strategy, path to execution, and the critical support needed to move people, revenue and culture forward.

In a crowded market, different wins. We provide your business with strategic and creative fuel to connect with your audience across all touchpoints, establish trust, build memorability and dominate your category.
Founders, investors and equity owners who need expert management for a portfolio of brands.
In-house teams that need strategic support and a fresh perspective to meet KPIs or develop products (without adding headcount)
Marketing teams that need reliable expertise in brand or design to power their campaigns.
Agencies that need to increase their brand strategy or creative direction capacity.
We build your brand’s entire ecosystem to help shape the way your business is perceived and experienced by your audience. The result sets you apart from the competition, enhances user experience, fosters loyalty and increases brand equity.

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As a creative partner our goal is to help you achieve long-term business success that aligns with your vision. We believe that transparency, great communication, and managing expectations is at the heart of all successful projects — we work with you, not for you, and insure that you’re included at every step. We value great design and creative ideas; and we hope you do too. Challenging your assumptions is done with your best interest in mind.

We're creative instigators, helping brands launch, innovate, or rekindle their vitality and revenue. We push boundaries, question assumptions and get results. Valiance is the courage to be real, and to risk doing something worth talking about. Our ethos aims to reflect this. Our belief is that artistic vision and strategic thinking can transform an object into an obsession, a product into a paragon and a business into a brand.

The sharpest minds in brand strategy — at your fingertips.

Nico Ruffini
Chief Brand Officer | Creative Director

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Shana Williamson
Business Consultant

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Chief Barketing Officer

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Don't take our word for it...

"Before working with Nico, I didn't have a clear direction to my brand. It didn't have a consistent feel and look. When I hired him I initially thought okay, I'm gonna get a logo and some typography, but he absolutely blew my expectations out of the water with what he delivered… We delved deep into strategy and the meaning behind my brand and vision... I highly recommend working with Nico. He is absolutely top notch, so if you actually want to build a brand and not just a following, he is your guy. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Dakota Robertson
Founder, GrowthGhost

"Nico has been instrumental in the growth and sustainability of our company. He executed a complete rebranding of everything from our company name, graphic design, and website to the core values we demonstrate every day when providing our services and look for when making hires. His team managed our social media presence, where we have seen exponential growth in engagement, brand awareness and, ultimately, leads. We gained more brand awareness and positive social engagement in one year than in the previous ten ears combined!! I recommend Nico to anyone looking for a creative, professional and personable approach to branding and marketing management. Thank you for everything you do!"

Dave Fraser
General Manager, Birchwood Landscapes

"When I purchased my small business, I knew I had to put a lot of work into branding and advertising/social media to bring the business back to life. I purchased a local Fitness Facility that was on the decline (to word it nicely).The gym was stuck in the 90's and I knew I had what it took to bring it back but Ialso knew it would take time. The only thing I was missing personally was the skills for proper branding, marketing and web design to help the gym get noticed. I reached out to Nico for help with all this. Within a couple of months I noticed a dramatic difference in eyeballs looking at the business and people beginning to spread the word. Nico created an entire brand ecosystem that was bringing the business forward and making it relevant again. I can't say enough good things about his customer service and the professionalism. If you are looking to improve your business, call him."

Adam Fedoriuk
Owner, Total Fitness

"I started this company without any knowledge of how marketing works. The industry is competitive, so I knew I needed a strong start and to stand our ground against companies that have been around for 50 years or longer.Nico over-delivered on those results, far beyond expectations. He built an entire brand system and showed us how to position against bigger companies without directly competing with them, which solved a lot problems for us before they even surfaced. The website is exactly what we need at this stage - clean, simple, gets the job done and looks exactly how we wanted. Absolutely love all the work he did, and it's made sales so much easier."

Tyler Philips
Founder, DevonWest Sheetmetal

"Working with Nico was a smart choice for us. He understood our goals, vision and what we were trying to accomplish.Then helped create it from the ground up by develping all ofthe stratgies, design systems and assets we need. The artistry, strategy and flow that Nico brought to the table measurably improved our business. He's been an incredible partner in our journey."

Troy Meuser
Creator, The Paralord

"Nico and his team are exceptional to work with. They brought our vision from concept to reality."

Tyler Mosher
Chief Business Development, Kinloch

"Absolutely has the best process for developing the look, feel, and character of your brand. Nico's process makes you deep dive into the heart and soul of what your brand is all about and helps you communicate that to your target audience. You will be left with comprehensive brand guidelines and design that accurately reflect your goals, mission, and target audience. If you want to build a brand with meaning, then working with Nico is a must."

Julie Magruder
Founder, Corsiva / Stash Cashmere

"We love working with Nico and his team because they are responsive and listen, but ultimately steer the right course for the brand story and marketing platforms. Nico brings a refined visual appeal to the creative output. We continue to use his talent and look forward to the next project."

Stephanie Ostrander
Sales Director, Flow Scientific

"We have been working with Nico for all our marketing and desion needs since 2015. and his studio since 2020. He and his team consitently do great work, and deliver on time. Communication is #1 to us and this is why we continue towork with Nico. We can't recommend him enough. Heshould be your top choice of strategic growth partners for design, marketing and brand development."

Jason Smith
CEO, The Dogwood Group

"Nico doesn't just create designs for likes and impressions.His work is focused on purpose and positioning. He did agreat job of building us a well-versed brand that's createdreal results and made us money, without the extra fluff othermarketing companies produce. We found him to be timely,professional, and pleasure to work with. We highly recommend going with Nico for brand building and product

Jennifer Smiley
Creative Director, Embellished Design

"I worked with 3 brand consultants before Nico. None of which were that helpful. I was reluctant at first, but Nico blew my expectation away. His actionable approach to branding combined with his ability to understand my brand better than I ever could has made my rebrand take only 30 days and cost half as much."

Taylin Simmonds
Founder, Ghostlii

"Valiance has been a life saver from day one. We have clear view of how to make our brand and design help sales and improve the customers experience."

Andy Yung
Founder, DRM Tactical

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